Blog Sprinting / Day 17 Five Posts in Five Minutes

Blurred RunnerSince I am working on two simultaneous blog challenges, I decided to do the blog sprint through the blog posts that were left on My Green Doc Blog as part of the Mom Blog Party. I decided that this was a more appropriate application of the “Five in Five” blog activity for Day 17.

I put the kids to bed, “laced up my shoes,” started the time and started blog sprinting, responding the all of the other commenters that had left posts during the blog party.

One hour later I have:

1. Read and responded or tried to respond to the 35 posts left during the week.

2. Written comments in 12 blogs.

3. Discovered that I’d already left comments in 2 of the blogs.

4. Unsuccessfully tried to find contact information for another 4 commenters.

5. Compiled a listing of 15 tips on Going Green from the comments left to the My Green Doc Blog.

Day 17: Five in Five

The task for Day 17 is to challenge yourself to do 5 comments in 5 minutes, without scrimping on quality. It requires visiting 5 blogs, reading 5 posts and leaving a reasonably thoughtful comment on each blog.

I decided to do the blog sprint through the blog posts that were left on My Green Doc Blog as part of the Mom Blog Party.

Accomplishments Day 17

1. Blog Sprinting through Blogs from the Mom Blog Party held last week.

2. Leaving 12 Posts in 40 Minutes.

3. Discovering that many times it was difficult to find a place to respond in the commenters blog, which took up a lot of the time.

4. Further discovering that posting remarks quickly is difficult because most of the sites required some kind of security code to be filled in before the comment could be posted.

5. Realizing that even though 4 blog posts were moderated, that I didn’t have problems responding in anyone’s blog (other than the one that didn’t have comments turned on at all.)

6. Writing and Posting Day 17.

Reflections & Revelations Day 17

I didn’t have the problems that Silvia had earlier in this Comment challenge and I realized that for the most part these moms were making it as easy as they could to Allow Others to Comment.

For me the biggest surprise in trying to get though the comments quickly was after readying trying to find a place to post my comments and they getting through the security codes to post my comments. I don’t know how anyone can make 5 comments in 5 minutes and get past the security aspect.

This blog post is part of The Comment Challenge, comment08.

2 thoughts on “Blog Sprinting / Day 17 Five Posts in Five Minutes

  1. I managed 3 in 5 minutes but then realised that being late I had forgotten to read all the clauses and failed to take note of the quality aspect. So the comments weren’t most best quality but they were ok. What I was interested in was how long does it take me to write comments and could I become more efficient at it. May have to do a bit more time and see how I go.

  2. Sue

    Part of the reason for picking the Blog Party Blogs was that I knew the quality of the posts wouldn’t have to be stunning. Posting something as a thanks to people who had stopped by would be sufficient. Thoughtful posts definitely takes me more time, especially with teachers, because I want to be sure my grammar and spelling are correct and the thoughts are a bit more coherent.

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